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One of Australia’s leading dramaturgs, Peter Matheson deals with script development, script assessment and dramaturgy. Peter works on story, structure, characterization and language skills in taking your play script, your story, your manuscript to the next level.

Over time, he has found that the scripts playwrights present are not always realized by conventional theatre. He has also been asked to assess various forms of manuscript; from film through to various forms of prose. In dealing with various theatrical conventions, he has accepted that ‘story’ takes many forms, but there are craft skills that are common.

He deals with new writers, emerging ones and ones who have emerged. He works with initial ideas through to first draft, from first to rehearsal draft. He assesses and plans different paths through writers’ ideas.

He has a commitment to excellence, intellect and strong emotional stories.

Peter Matheson is committed to writing to the highest level and to the widest possible audience.

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